Catalina Bogoi

President and founder of AMRP
Associația Maroco-Română de Partenariat din Rabat
10 ani

Personal Information:

Being an active member of international associations she managed to go beyond geographical borders understanding the challenges and difficulties of both being a foreigner and a Romanian woman living abroad.

With a MBA in International Marketing and Management , fluent both in English and in French and with over ten years of experience in different French multinational companies, she started a new professional chapter in a completely new world, in North Africa, creating and developing different Moroccan-based projects (cross cultural events, online marketing campaigns for the local market); she also developed the first online multi-focused e-commerce platform connecting Morocco to Romania.

In 2018, Catalina organized the biggest and most important event ever in Morocco, celebrating the Romanian culture and especially the globally acclaimed “Romanian blouse.” As an advocate of the Romanian heritage, she conceived an unique concept in Morocco, including an exhibition of 14 popular antique costumes, which aimed and succeeded into bringing the Romanians closer and raising awareness on the Romanian national values.

Being the youngest president of an international Romanian organization (AMRP), she was featured in several media outlets, including many publications of Romanians living abroad, the International Romanian RadioDiplomatica Magazinea,Arca TV, See Beyond Magazine.

Since AMRP was created over 30 events were organized for the Romanians living in Morocco and a number of 10 local partnerships were signed, all benefiting the Romanian community. Mother of one 7 years old son, Elyas, in 2018 she also started the first Romanian school in Rabat, project helping children to stay connected to their roots as well as empowering them to be proud of their origins.

Other professional projects include multiple workshops as well as professional and motivational-targeted talks with students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds (Morocco, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, India, Lebanon, Chile, Portugal,Egypt, Spain and France). Their topics cover business, international design, culture, and architecture.

Since 2015 she is also an official collaborator of the Romanian authorities in Morocco concerning the French language.